Monday, January 16, 2012

Look of Horror...

Oh my God!  Last night, middle of the night, I get a FB notification.  That isn't really unusual at any hour of the day, but this one was CRAZY.  It was an event invite to a fundraiser for a kid's drill team.  They are raising money for uniforms.  Isn't that sweet???  Oh wait...I suppose I forgot to mention that they are doing so through the sale of SEX TOYS and LINGERIE!  A Pure Romance consultant has generously offered to donate her profits to help these girls out.  Now, I know this particular consultant, and her heart is huge and she has the best of intentions, I have no doubt.  However, I emailed her immediately and told her she needed to back out of this.  Here is why...
First of all, there is NO way that this won't get out, what with the public invite and the THREE HUNDRED PLUS people tagged in this as of this moment.  I don't know exactly how old these girls are, but I know girls as young as 5 who are already vicious.  Can you imagine the bullying these girls are going to have to withstand when word spreads that this is how they are raising money for their drill team???  In a society rampant with news about suicides due to bullying, I can't believe ANY parent on this drill team hasn't considered the backlash of this!  I mean, my 10 year old has already had absolutely VULGAR things written about her on a bathroom wall by a girl who was just upset over a boy liking my daughter.  I can just hear the harassment and disgusting names these little girls might get called when their team becomes associated with these items.  Not to mention if local Christian groups find out about this.  The Boys and Girls Club that this drill team dances for may lose valuable funding for other programs.  And don't EVEN get me started on the media frenzy that would ensue.  I told my friend I was concerned for HER safety and that of her kids. 
Also, I happen to know it's ILLEGAL to have children under 18 browsing their catalogs, websites or in attendance at their actual parties.  What happens when ONE irresponsibly parent has her daughter "run this catalog to Sally Sue next door for me, sweetie???"  Curious daughter flips through it, starts asking her friends what a vibrator does...maybe is overheard in school and EXPELLED? 
This whole thing has me seriously upset.  I would be HORRIFIED if our cheer gym paired up with a Slumber Parties or Pure Romance rep and wanted us to sell these products in the name of our daughters/sons.  Mind you, I think there is a time and place for these products.  Children's athletics is NOT it.  Perhaps, it's just me, but I doubt I am alone in my thinking here.  Why can't they just sell candles, candy and tshirts like every other group?  I would ABSOLUTELY pull my children off a team if their coach agreed to this, by the way.  These coaches have a responsibility to put their athletes best interest first.  This is an epic fail by the coaches, the parents and the Boys and Girls Club if they are aware of this.  Thoughts on what I should do here?

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